Title tag is over 70 character warning or error?

Title tag is one of the critical parts of any web page. Title tag is text that normally appears at the top of the browser window. Most of the search engine suggests that your title tag should be 60 to 70 characters. The most eye catching position for the crawler on the web page .Most of the web master confuse that over 70 character title tag is warning for web page or error which is given guide line to all search engine. Here I am going to confirm one thing that 70 characters over title tag is not error it is only warning given by search engine.

Tips to create good title tag for your web page:

1      Title should be relevant to your Service Page /Product page.

When you put title tag in your web page make sure your title tag is relevant to your product page. Most of search engine is looking only relevant content related to your title and page content .Do not used your page URL as a title.

2         Put some important keyword phrases in the following order

Your title tag is the reference and information related to your page so try to put all the keyword related to your project and all keyword in proper order. One of the important parts of title tag is that you can mention keyword in keyword phrases. This gives unique look to your title.

3      Try to make title tag as unique as possible and do not leave title tag blank :

On internet world all the brand is identified by their uniqueness so put unique title on your every web page. Here is some special character avoid in your title tag.

(((Title Tag)))

: : :Title Tag: : :

* * *Title Tag* * *

| Title tag |

§ Title Tag §

» Title Tag«

¤Title Tag  ¤

4 Search Engine Display:


Title tag is only 70 characters or less than 70 character for search engine because most of the search engine allows only 60 to 70 character show in its SERP Title. Good title tag creates an impact on ranking of your web page so try to optimize your title tag within 60-70 characters.

4      Social Media effect :

Most of the social site supports only limited character when you going to share content on it .so this make extra impact on your title that your title is support social site guide line for sharing content.






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