Recap N Revival Story – Life of a Web Seeker in 2011

Year 2011 So fast furious, Web and social world leverages with so many changes, updates. As a web seeker, I always tried to keep myself running and populated my lobby with new charm of Web World.

Let’s recollect all the Major Things from 2011 at a Glance:

  • Jan: Social Signals affect your Rank
  • Feb: Facebook Updated Image Gallery
  • Feb: Social Media Fever during World Cup
  • March: Facebook Remove Comment buttons
  • March: Facebook Like Turns Into Share button
  • March: New Google Analytics Launched
  • April: Google Panda In Action
  • May: Google SERP Pattern Changes
  • June: G+ Come in action
  • June: added new guideline for microdata
  • July: Google Voice Search
  • July: Facebook New Chat Interface
  • Aug: FB 2 Twitter – New way to share
  • Aug: Facebook tested Real-time threading
  • Aug: Google SERP Some New Snippets Generation
  • Aug: Twitter Image Gallery Launched
  • Aug: Twitter Invoke instant Image Upload from WEB
  • SEP: Facebook New Face: New Wall Story Presentation, Subscribers, Subscribe, Real Time Activity Feed, And Facebook List
  • SEP: Google Pagination and content duplicacy tags [rel=prev, rel="next" ]
  • OCT: Facebook Insights for Blogs, websites
  • OCT: Google Analytics Real Time Invoked
  • OCT: Facebook Video calling with Skype Tie-up launched
  • OCT: Google Webmaster leverages with New Feature, Google Analytics & Webmaster Coupling to re-present more data
  • OCT: Greatest Era of Innovation comes to an end with Steve Jobs final goodbye.
  • NOV: SOPA BUZZ in Web Community
  • NOV:  Google Plus Page Comes in Action
  • Nov: Google PR Update Aug & NOV
  • DEC: Translated Content, Multi Language Content Issue & Google Meta
  • DEC: Facebook Timeline Profile Launched
  • DEC: Google SERP Leveraging Rich Snippets Strongly
  • DEC: G+, Authorship Mark-up, +1 Button and social share improve rank

Professional life of Web MarketerGoogle BYE- BYE to Few Products

Google Decide to Switch off  some web products as Follows ..

# Google Bookmarks Lists, Google Friend Connect
# Google Gears, Google Search Timeline, Google Wave
# Knol, Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal, Aardvark
# Desktop, Fast Flip, Google Maps API for Flash, Google Pack
# Google Web Security, Image Labeler, Notebook, Sidewiki,
# Google Buzz, Subscribed Links 

Now it’s to Summarize, what i have done this year, many things done, most of them uncompleted..we can organize way of Implementation, but you can’t stretch time to work more for you.

In My Opinion i have not so much contribution to show for this year.. But let’s recall

  • Conversion Based SEO Analysis Plan n Implementation Structure
  • Social Media World CUP Fever Learning –  Viral effect of social media, social events, social media activity watch, monitor, Implementation of real time social promotion by SMO Dashboard Tool and lead generation.
  • Research Implementation on Blog, Blog Topics Research, Outcome, social share strategy for blogging etc..
  • Derive Goals Conversion using Web Analytics Custom Reports
  • Facebook Page/ Social promotion / Apps & Tools
  • Enjoyed Google Android Tools & Apps for SMO
  • Created First Facebook Canvas Apps ( Joined Facebook Developer )
  •  Get Own Web-space, Domains for More Research
  • Facebook Conversion Tracking  using insights and Google Analytics Advance Segment Integration
  •  Admitted Myself in WordPress Integration (Setup, Technical issues, Customization checklist, promotion checklist, maintenance, plugin, tool, research )
  • After Few Years Blogging at Blogger Shifted to wordpress/ added Team members to MyBlog [SEOIDIOTS Comes in Existence]
  • For promoting Guest Writers and flavour of multi topic blogging, establish Merrx, yet not given focus to make it run.
  • To Understand the Logic of WEBSITE Navigation, Promotion Strategy, OFF-page and ON-Page Plan Create “ Website Inforgraphics Worksheet
  • Created Some Bookmarklets to better ON-Page strategy and quickly evaluate Site Elements.
  • Using G+, FB, Twitter, Stumble Upon APIS created a online tool with help of some Javascript, PHP, HTML – Get Counting of Shares on these social sites and also share any url using it.
  • Now My Ongoing Battle With Google Panda Updates (Defeat, Success, Frustration, Study, Penalize, Reclaim and so going on n on  …)
  •  Research On Non Conventional Source of SEO Backlinks [PDF, Presentation, Social Profile]
  • Research On Microdata, Rich snippets – finally Google shows it in SERP
  • G+, +1 Button, Google Page and authorship mark up research and Implemented
  • Started Google Adsense – Setup, Implementation, Ads Creation, Reporting
  • Individually Research on Google Panda Behavior, Link Building Techniques, Significance, Negative Impact and working for Future Strategy
  • Enjoyed 2011 With White-Boards sessions with My Teams – Fun and Knowledge Sharing
  • Get Inspiration from Newspaper & Magazine for Social Media, Resources Tips, Tricks, Motivation ( AIRTEL HFZ, Car Company Ad, Asian Paints TV Ad ~ Discuss later )
  • My Blog Writing Habits Continue.. Overall contribution 50+ Posts
  • Study and Implementation of Content Curation in SEO
  • Whole Year Gone through – Work and Study of Social/Search Web, An another whole Year spent quickly, when i saw figures there is a little sign of happiness – which shows we done something,  but more milestones to be break.

MY Life Thoughts & Rules

Apart From Above, Just Few Things comes in My Mind, Life of a Web Marketers or who devoted to Web World Never be treated Easy. The ECO System of Web is so revolutionary, your effort, your dedication is much less than its limits, But We have to prove our heroic approach and conquer the World of Web.

Before Finish ..

This Year, Lots of Hustle Bustle Came, It never to be easy to amend professional and personal life with same swing. My Father Passed Away,and i will always carry a particular kind of sadness with me!

“ i knew what i was missing.

For myself i admire from my father most.. He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

Finally Thanks To My Friends, Family, and all others who Give me such energy to come back and Run my show as before with New Hopes, and New Dreams..

Thank You So Much: Best wishes for Your Future.. ! !


Life of a Web Seeker Continues…


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Sujit Kumar Lucky

About: Sujit Kumar Lucky

Sujit Kumar Lucky from India involves in search and digital marketing... My Web Affection inspires me to make a Innovative web Experience. Putting imagination of web trends in work is my passion. I always accepted my successes, mistakes and failure it admires me to rethink about me. Although I found myself as friendly, emotional sensitive person and person who want to help others. I am a versatile person who colors his life with several colors... and always enjoying this beautiful Rainbow of life.

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