Pinterest Going to be a next big thing in Social Web

Pinterest – A bulletin board system with visual fleet of images sharing mechanism going to be a next big thing on Web. In USA Pinterest marked his presence as a third biggest social networking site after Facebook and twitter in Row.

Some Demographics:

  • Site Launched in March 2010
  • Listed by Time magazine – “50 Best Websites of 2011″
  • TechCrunch – best new startups of 2011
  • 2012 Quarter 1 – Pinterest generated 11.7 million unique visitors
  • Pinterest reported 3.6 % of referral traffic just marginally behind from twitter.

In American Pinterest user, 70%+ users are female. Few weeks ago this sites also grab investors choice, Japanese e-commerce Company Rakuten invested $100 M in Pinterest.

Pinterest socially build a visual society with help of images, the sharing comes from our interest, our activity, our celebration, our work, our fun, our emotions. Pinterest picking every action and reaction of our daily culture into a bulletin board with conversation openness.

Have A Note on this PIN (Image Using Pinterest Embed feature)


My First Impression for Pinterest

  • Simple – Simplicity design and look wise, easy to use, organized
  • Interactive – Its visual and functional appearance makes it interactive, conversation with like, repin, comments so easy.
  • Impressive – Awesome Visualize collection of images, text and identities.
  • Differentiate – The Bulletin board system, best fit resize display container, visual presentation, user friendly design makes it different from others.

Demo For Beginner’s (Video Using Screenr – screen capture tool)


Pinterest Terminology

  • PINS –  A entity as an Image hold few words about it, shared on Pinterest
  • Likes – When your work found enjoyable or favored by any member on Pinterest using a like Vote.
  • REPINS – Somebody Re-share your PINS in their PIN Board and Profile.
  • Followers – A user group who following your good work and looking to carry on sharing such stuffs.
  • Boards – A collection of PINS showing similar sharing idea, A sharing space on Pinterest where you’re PINS clubbed together in a user defined namespace. (My Life, My Work, My Photography etc.)
  • PIN IT – Official bookmarklet from Pinterest for share directly from browser, you can share any web page, images, while browsing the web, and also organize in different boards.
  • Mention  - Same as other social networking sites like twitter, G+ and Facebook,  Pinterest using @ for mention user’s in Post.

What is NoPIN Meta Tag?

<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

It prevents pinterest grab the items from desired page, if you use Nopin Meta in your webpage then, somebody share your page on Pinterest got a message like:” sorry pinging is not allowed from this domain”.

Note ** Here is a message display when I used Nopin on a test page, and try to share using pin it button, it thrown a message like this..!

Pinterest NoPin Meta tag

Pinterest Checklist for Best Uses

  • Yet Not Joined – get started with “Request an Invite”
  • Create profile / Authenticate with Facebook
  • Connect web Reference, Facebook Profile and Location in profile setting
  • Choose User name as per Brand/ people whatever with a good looking profile picture.
  • Fill Bio for better accessibility among the users.
  • Connect with Twitter for Tweet share feature.
  • Grab Bookmarklet for sharing from Browser.
  • Organize your PIN Boards before sharing, give meaning full names

Exterior Stuffs with Pinterest  

  • Profile Follow Button on Blog, Website and Email Newsletter or Any where
  • Pin IT Share Button or Share Count  for Blog Post, WebPages and so on..
  • Pinterest And WordPress    - In wordpress you can add Pin It button, Pinterest user badge, Follow Button, Share Count etc.  Search in Plugin directory countless plugins available.
  • Pinterest for Mobile – Iphone App Is available for Iphone users, for rest users mobile version of Pinterest site helps you to discovers more..

Pinterest Goodies

Get it here:

Follow Me on Pinterest

Follow Me on Pinterest

Follow Me on Pinterest

Follow Me on Pinterest

Check your Influence on Pinterest  -

Pinterest Influnce Checker Tool

Hope You enjoy my post .. Left your comments and Views ! ! – Sujit

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