Optimum Web Content Conception In Post Penguin Era

Content Optimization :

The web content is the soul of the any  web page .Most of the search engine provide the value of the page according to content quality on the page .According to Google penguin update , they main focus on content of the page .The mining is that you should optimizing your content on the very optimum level. we can’t promote the prime keywords without search engine friendly content.

optimum content

Here is the some guide line for content optimization along with penguin updates algo  guideline  :
Duplicate Content
Ignorance of duplicate content is play most important role in content optimization .duplicate content nothing , it is same content which is all ready used in another page and second time post in another site domain .When Google crawl web page and find more than content used more than one time ,it will give value only original content as well as index that particular original page .

Keywords Insertion
The content is the basic part of web pages and keyword is the address of these web page which is search in search engine .The basic purpose of the keywords insertion in own content to improve click through rates and content visibility in different Channel .keywords is the basic identity of any content and they make the relationship between page and search engine index area.

Density, Proximity, Prominence
The density proximity and prominence all co related to each other .they all comes on one platform that is keywords in the content.

Density of the keyword is extant with the main –primary keywords how many times include in your web page .normally is it evaluate with repetition of the your title in page .According to search engine it is 2-5% , but its depend on you that how much density attract your visitors .

Proximity is another factor on the page when you going to put searchable keyword. Proximity exact means that the two keywords which in include in web page how much make distance between both of them.

Prominence of the keywords , it is most valuable part during web page promotion .The recommended by the every search engine that insert the most prominence part of the page in top  of the content e. g in meta title , meta description along with top of the web content

Targeted Audience and his/her age group – when you write the content , you should keep in mind that your product is make the business in which range of group. lets your product is t-shirt ,than your content should be according to 20-40 age group .

Scope of the content
During content writing and optimization the major thing keep in mind that the scope of the content .content should be place oriented ,as well as make sure the content is basically for which secotor e.g rural or urban area .

Interaction of the product with client
Content should be make proper interaction and product .Every search engine and expert recommended  that the web content should be user friendly

Divided Heading subheading  
When you write the content and going to optimize the content should be divided with heading and subheading .product quality define with in separate area and insert the web prime section . Content have proper p, ul, li, dt, address, tags content in blocks paragraph bullets

Proper starting and ending of the content
Content should define starting and ending point along with all information .

Ignore internal linking till sites all page not index
Interlinking is the main part of the content optimization .most of the expert web master recommended that the balance interlinking is boost the content authority and rank of the keywords .but make sure the all pages of the sites should be cache and index.

Bold , italic – main keywords
Make sure every prime keywords is bold ,itelic and strong formatted.

Offer for product to interact guest 

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