IPL5 over – Vodafone Ads worth Remembering Apart from IPL Cheer Girls

IPL5 went with KKR Carnival and big cheers for Cricketholic ambiance lovers. In This season of IPL5, I kept myself almost disconnected, watched few matches only.  From First View of IPL5 to till last counterpart, the most innovative, imposing and full of humor ad/break, I saw which left a remarkable creativity in my mind and hope so the initiative of ad also hits several minds. So I am sharing my own opinion of Vodafone ads in IPL5.

Before this look on Few IPL statistics, this makes IPL as crucial junction for ad innovation.


  • The Amount SETMAX will Pay to BCCI : = 8700 Crore Rs.
  • SETMAX earned so far – 2545 Crore (2008-2011) Rs.

Some other statistics for IPL Season 2012

  • Television Viewership Rating (TVR) – 3.76%  (as compared to previous season 18.7% less)
  •  IPL 5 earned  163 million cumulative viewership, higher reach than 2011

Had You Seen Vodafone Ads?

Vodafone Ads Innovation: I personally give kudos to their innovation, because they propagate their all products and their features into their ads.

Past: #Introduce zoozoos Character in Ads – 2010 IPL

Idea: The Animated character appealing and making fun in front of you!

Key:  Every zoozoos Character comes in a new look as product wise like (internet packs, sms packs, international calls, roaming)

Vodafone zoozoos Ad Character

This Year: Vodafone Fun Games Campaign

Idea: Various Cartoon Character playing funny games and finally convey message of products & Features.

#Internet: Internet is fun on Vodafone” – This concept is created to visually impress people for use mobile based internet and their applications with ease and comfort.

** This Campaign Run over all channels of advertising such as TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, on Ground and a digital presence

Internet is fun on Vodafone

Now Look into Various Stopover presences by Vodafone in IPL5 2012

Fun Begins Soon:  Every Strategic Timeouts Break, Match inning Start with this Ad [10 second ad]

Fun Begins Soon by Vodafone

Vodafone IPL Cheerleaders Vodafone Ad Break Fun Begins Soon by Vodafone
You can visit all ads collection of Vodafone Ads at One Place!


You can view all the ads with Download option, Ads available from 2003 to till date and filter option also avail by product wise.

Check The Amazing Vodafone ad collection and got idea for your brand & Business. Few as below

  • Internet is FUN on Vodafone – Free Apps
  • Internet is FUN on Vodafone – Faster Browsing
  • Fun begins soon – Cheerleaders
  • Fun begins soon – Sumo

The Ads also distributed over social media channels of Vodafone, check their social presence, these ads campaign played a vital role in creating fans, collect likes, followers, more brand awarness among social media channels.

Vodafone On Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/vodafoneIN

Vodafone On Twitterhttp://twitter.com/vodafonein

Vodafone On YouTube  – http://www.youtube.com/vodafoneipl

Watch Few Vodafone Video Adverts

Internet is FUN on Vodafone – Free Games (OFFICIAL AD)

Internet is FUN on Vodafone – Recharge On the Go (OFFICIAL AD)

Internet is FUN on Vodafone – Songs at Re. 1 (OFFICIAL AD)

All In One Adverts Playlist of Vodafone

Source: http://www.youtube.com/vodafoneipl

** I shared my own view, no any concern to give review about brands or their services.

Sujit – Social Media & Search enthusiast, you can follow me on twitter @sujit_kr_lucky

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