Google Webmaster Structured Data Tool – A Quick Walkthrough of Microdata World

Now it’s not a wonder anymore to saw impact of structured data in SERP results, how the rich markups & micro-formats customize the search result with some fancy stars, sometimes bullets, links and many much more things.

Thought Behind : I personally love to use structured markups, and rich snippets element, because I  really intended to clarify who I am ?

Let simplify – web is evolving as huge universe, so this galaxy populated with several entities, so as per search engine and peoples prospective, evaluating all the information as bunch of text or a web page not enough to represent good and understandable outputs.

Rich Snippets // Microdata // Microformat // Structured Data

  • A New Protocol or a guide to identify specific information.
  • Some defined markup elements inline within your existing HTML.
  • Reference explicit information about page.
  • Way To put sense, intelligence in textual information
  • Custom Based Tags dependency with certain rules to build special recognitions.

It mean you simply going to tell search crawlers what are the things which more emphasize on my  information’s.

Google SERP Rich Snippets Data

So which kind of information can be transmitted in structured Data?

  • Reviews (product reviews, price, rating etc.)
  • People ( person, celebrity, user profile )
  • Products ( Any selling items)
  • Businesses and organizations (Identify Branding Data)
  • Recipes (food & Drinks items and ratings )
  • Events ( calendar events and information’s )
  • Music (music lists, album etc.)
  • Video ( Playlist snippets)
  • Authors ( content, blog, article owners )
  • Application ( software related products )
  • Breadcrumbs ( it can also be used in Rich Formats ) :  What does it do?

This website serves a lot about microformat data, tags, and way of use. All major search engines follow its compliances and protocols. You can find here various documentations and various illustrations about microformats and their markup elements which hold specific values!  To know more detailed examples of different types of structured data can be embedded in our page use above site.

Now you collected numerous information’s about structured data, but still major issue arrived for webmasters like as:

  • Is the Structured Tags become functional on my page?
  • What are the information’s it holds in search engine prospective?
  • How To Know search engine recognizing my Microdata ?
  • How Many structured mark up can be used?
  • How many structure data’s used across website?
  • What are different types of Micro Data used on any webpage?
  • Discovery statistics of Rich Contents in my Website.

Open Graph Protocols: without describing OGP this discussion seems incomplete, another great way to use structured data, this protocol gives unique identity to your page; it more put emphasis on social web connectivity. It has more benefits for developers and webmasters to use OGP.

Know more at :

Open Graph Protocol

Benefits of OGP:

  • Give Your web page a social identity
  • Define your information as a particular object
  • Helps you to build more functional applications with facebook
  • Its control sharing of information on social media sites such as facebook and google plus, it also helps you to produce desire snippets in sharing.
  • It helps you to keep Meta data unique because in sharing on social system OGP data extracted instead of page Meta Data.

How to Use OGP:

For Facebook :

** Follow Guidelines on above url, it simplifies all the process of Meta insertion on your web page, before using go through complete review of instructions.

To Debug or Check Use Facebook URL Linter:

For Google Plus :

** Build Custom metas for desired page types and this tool automatically generate code, after that you can grab code and insert it on your web page.

Last But Not Least:

Google Webmaster Tools: Structured Data Tool

Google Webmaster Tool Few Days ago launches Structured Data performance tool where you can deals with all the issues and performance with your microdata and rich snippets elements.

Path: Google Webmaster Tool Dashboard >> Optimization >> Structured Data

** Rest You can analyze more on this place.. if no any data, follow above information and Build it now !

Google Webmaster Strcuctured Data Testing Tool

Now you interested to use structured Data For your site, I think you need more references …!

Web Ref:

So Have a Nice Day .Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day with more Love and God Blessings.!

Posted By : Sujit – Social Media & Search enthusiast, you can follow me on twitter @sujit_kr_lucky

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