Frisky world of Images – Let’s experience its various forms

Existence of Web cannot be imagined without images. The necessity of images is same as oxygen for Life. The Images work as soul of creative work, it gives a lively experience to your blog, websites, and social updates. Without images you cannot imagine how the world look likes around you.

Here is Few Image Types and their characteristic with related term to find out them.

Silhouette Images

What: To express Drama, expression, emotion, mood, mystery and enigma.

Related Words to find Silhouette Images: [free silhouette images, silhouette clip art, silhouette art, silhouette images of children, silhouette pictures, silhouette images of people, silhouette Photoshop, silhouette photography]

Vector images

What: Vector graphics which made up with connecting points, joints or looks to connect path.


Related Words to find Vector Images: [stock vector images, create vector images, vector images Photoshop, free vector, vector clipart, vector backgrounds, vector logos, raster images]

Clipart images

What: Refer to Pre made image structure used to denote some original identity


Related Words to find Clipart Images: [cartoon clipart images, clipart pictures, vinyl-ready clipart, clipart covers]

Graphic art:

What: A image form which combined of calligraphy, photography, drawing, painting

Related Words to find Graphic art Images: [digital art, visual art, graphic design, graphic clip art]

Abstract art

What: Visual Representation of Art in a form of Lines, drawing and Colours. The best differentiation of this Art form is, it co-relate the reference of art and visual existence of identity from the world.


Related Words to find Graphic art Images: [abstract art paintings, abstract art wallpaper, abstract art ideas] .

Abstract Art Image 4 Courtesy :Gregory Christeas : (


What: The Image effect produces in front of our eye, in illusion based images some animated creations in pictures seen, actually it derived from distraction between mind and eye misbalancing.


Related Words to find Illusion Images: [optical illusion, illusion pictures, illusion oblivion, 3D Illusion images]

Illustrations image:

What: Image in the form of painting, drawing, photography or any form of image representation to enlighten, illustrate or clear up the idea of sense or characteristic of anything in visual form.


Related Words to find Illusion Images: [speech illustrations, preaching illustrations, Illustrator, Illustrator art, Illustrator vector, Illustrator graphics]

Illustrationsspeech illustrationsIllustratorIllustrator art

Line art Images:

What: An image like halftone, or created with dots pattern mostly used with single colour. Drawn on plane background, lines and visuals distinctly made to represent a visual idea.

Related Words to find line art Images: [Line art drawings, line clip art, line art images, abstract line art, simple line art, geometric line art]

Line art ImagesLine art drawingsline clip artabstract line art

I want to give thanks to my friend Sitesh (Web designer ) for giving idea to built a some picturesque with different type of images.. i am feeling tired to searching and uploading so many images ..please left few words hwz this post ! Thanx

Few Places to Find Free Images..!

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo & other search engine Image search

Courtesy for Resources: 10 Places to Find Free Images Online

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