Few Things about SITEMAPS – A Must Do SEO Activity

I always want to keep myself hardheaded; In addition of this i added few things in SITEMAPS uses and importance in SEO, hence performed some research on sitemaps.

Hard-Headed SEO IDIOTS

First of all, let’s a quick recall on SITEMAPS

Multi Sitemap in Multi Format

Issue: Sites have mixed flavour of Dynamic, Semi-dynamic and static pages. Some of content produce feeds, sites have different category containing specific collection of pages ( product,profile , events, news etc..)

Solution: Multi Sitemap in Multi Format

Google Multiformat, multisitemaps

Sitemap XML in Google SERP (prevent it from Indexing)

Issue:  Sitemap file cached by Google, and showing in SERP, you want to avoid to its listing in SERP to avoid ambiguity with other pages.  

Solution: Code to Avoid Indexing of XML Sitemaps

In Addition of this context..

Exclude URL in a sitemap

Issue: I need a sitemap for Selected URL, or I want to Exclude Some Categories from sitemap creation

Solution:  manual editing in any text editor, or Dreamweaver or use this online tool Check Domain Sitemap Tool (

** (Unlimited pages, various other options available, exclude Urls )

Video Sitemaps

Issue: want to use video sitemaps to improve video searching capability; self hosted video inclusion in search

Solution:  Video Sitemap  

WordPress XML Sitemaps

Issue:  Sitemap require for wordpress blog, avoid any sitemap creation error, automatic update sitemap with post etc..

Used: Google Sitemap Plugin In WordPress Blog or Submit Feed as Sitemap.. search in WordPress Plugin

To Do: KML sitemaps

Working on it, analyzing geo locations effect on SERP using KML sitemaps

Google webmaster comes with improved, new style and added more functionality. Submit your sitemap in Google webmaster central and analyze the performance .

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