Few More Stuffs & Tips To Do More With Pinterest

In my Last Post I described about Pinterest usability and various facts figures, if you missed my previous post check it here Pinterest Going to be a next big thing in Social Web

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Pinterest Tips and Stuffs

So the exploration of Pinterest continued in this post also, bring some tips and helpful resources to enjoy sharing on Pinterest.

  1. Check How many Pins shared from your domain:
    E.g : http://pinterest.com/source/facebook.com/
  2. SET Board Cover :  If you want to set default image for Pinterest board go to board and hover mouse on any images and set any image as cover picture of Board
  3. Follow Boards: This feature of Pinterest allow you to follow any specific board contents of a user.
  4. Follow All: This feature enable subscribe you for Pin updates from all boards by any user.
  5. Statistics Bar of Pinterest :  On your profile checkout  interesting stats for your profile. Like : ( Boards, Pins, Likes, Activity, Followers, Following )
  6. Facebook Time Line Vs Pinterest :  You can control this option into Pinterest setting,  activate Facebook timeline option, it add Pinterest Tab on your Facebook profile, and also automatically shows your activity updates on Facebook.
  7. You Should Review Weekly Updates Sent by Pinterest, What inside??
    • New people started following you
    • The best video we watched this week
    • Popular Boards
    • Pins You’ll Love

Email digest inspired you to share, review your work and all other stuffs from friends and fans to get more engagement on Pinterest.
Pinterest Profile Stats & Boards

** Click Image to enlarge

With Google Analytics – Check Out Which Pins of Pinterest send visitor on Your website

  1. Standard Report Tab
  2. Traffic Source
  3. Referral
  4. Search for Pinterest in search Box
  5. Click on Source
  6. Follow Referral Path  ( Land directly to your shared PIN)
  7. You can also check same reports in Google Analytics Social Report section

Here is a Google Analytics Report Preview -

Pinterest Google Analytics Reports Tips

** Click Image to enlarge and view the things described.

This report shows you, how your effort going on, in term of Pinterest engagement, referrals and which PIN bring more social interaction for you, so you can work accordingly.

Keep Pinning ! !  Keep Sharing .. ! Follow me on Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/sujitforweb/

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