Don’t Be Mess with Pagination – A SEO Outlook

Google spam team head Matt Cut announce  that in a SEO pagination is more important part of any site promotion and link juice distribution as well as search engine or user  friendly .pagination simply means that your web page connect each other on very navigational way .This is to help the visitor to abstract easily site structure and navigation .pagination also help to crawler to crawl your page on very depth level .

Lets take example of Delhi hotels site

We have a site name is delhi hotels and they have category like 5 star , 5 star deluxe .if we create normal than we cant give proper mining for google  to connection between  the home page to product page , but if we used pagination in this site we easily give guide to the crawler that the product page is also part of home page and crawler much have crawl the in depth page .the basic purpose of pagination used in seo that we can easily get high page rank and land crawler in very inner page on our business page as well as distribute page rank in low level page .

One of the major reason  for using product level pagination that we can easily track duplicate content on your web page .you can easily track duplicate content in Delhi hotels site which is I all ready mention ,  let oberai hotels in prime location and same oberai hotels located in other location so your can make both separate through page title will help remove duplicate content issues.  Example, <title>Page 1 – Nike Shox</title>, <title> Page 2 – Nike Shox</title>, etc. and that condition if same content exist in both page you can predict your duplicate page on original page through 301 .

The main use of page level pagination in E commerce site , where duplicate URL and content on the page high level change to occur this above problem .

Here I am going to explain how many type of pagination you can use in SEO :

Over all three pagination tactics use web promotion :

  •  classic method (using dynamic Indexing method )
  • View All Method
  • Rel prev/Next Method (Define relation between two pages )

The classic pagination Method

The classic pagination method is define to extract dynamic site sequncly. Means your all page directly connect to the main home page .The classic method only use full where your site is static or nature of business very low and lot of information include in one platform.

Eg The site length is 5 page include home so you have to mention all inner page into the home page

View All Method

The view all technique one of the useful technique that help to crawl your site with in very less time .In the pagination technique the all product page treated like his own commanding bottom .the benefit of this pagination that user love to see the related information in one platform .All content in the pagination visualise on very clear manner  and use see on direct fashion .

The rel next /prev method :

The third and final pagination method is rel next/prev.Google also finales that pagination technique to give a excat advantage for the product page  In current situation HTML 4/5 both support this uniq pagination technique .the benefit of this method that all product page co related to each other and give directly link adverted to other and also easily track by the user .through rel next prev pagination page have own identity through rel canonical they have own existential in business page . so the advantage that there is very less change to duplicate URL or duplicate content in site.

The Advantage of pagination :

Site become faster than other .Canonical problem approx remove permanently .you can easily promote your product in can easily keyword map in one particular page who exactly become for that keyword .they fully support HTML 5 so you can worry about next generation



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