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Content is the soul of website .Content relevancy to your site is define that traffic and your product will easily parches by the customer when he/she can visit your page. The main thing on any online business that what to give you customer and that only given by your content .If you can plan your business or generate business through internet marketing that is mandatory you put all information related to your product and services that part is help to visitor can spend time on your product page.

Point that help to make a good content for your Web page:

1 Planning Proper Hierarchy in your mind that what information gives to the user:

Make a good plan in your mind that what type information you want to boost your business as well as attract user and client .Planning proper that in your content audio video flash picture  include or not .

2 Categories  your content according to user

If you want to that your content become soul of your product than you have to coteries your product , in that phase you can not consider goal/lead in mind .Just only that your web site hold good information related to your brand .

3 Content is so simple but give all relevant information related to your product

You web page content is simple and clear because if content is complicated that may increase your bounce rate for particular page .Most of visitor want that only related information so in your content do not inbuilt confusion link or text .

4 Use Color for your main and important part

Web page text color always play important role for your .If you write a page for your brand than you can give a good color for your important text and highlighted that particular text where you aspect that they increase your lead

“Color Language: Most colors have strong associations that everyone seems to share. This subtle “language of color” is an important consideration in color selection.”~ Color Meaning,

“One of the most fascinating elements web designers tend to overlook is the influence of color on their website visitors. While a color palette may look visually pleasing, is it psychologically pleasing?”~ Andy Crofford, The Psychology of Color

5 Put Related picture and other media eg video related to your product

All know that multimedia is play important role in Internet marketing .so put some good and clear image related to your product and it also content verity of image



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