Are We Going to Lose Our Social Freedom By Censorship of Internet?

Social Media censorship! !

Are We Going to Lose Our Social Freedom By Censorship of Internet?

SEOIDIOTS : Internet Is Place where online activism born, and it is most crowd sourcing part of our society, The viral nature of this medium allow us to spread our thoughts, verdict in front of whole world. Internet has no religion, no political view, and no bureaucratic nature … One and only one voice! !

“We Are From Internet”

WE ARE FROM Internet

Censoring the Internet

Censoring the Internet & Social Media

So what’s Going On!!

  • SOPA/PIPA Protest
  • India Moves To Censor Social Media
  • Tweets still must flow ( Debate Started For Tweet Censorship )
  • #TwitterBlackout Day

#TwitterBlackout Day

We want our freedom back …. ! ! 

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